Proposed bill aims to increase mental health professionals in schools

    (File/ The Associated Press)

    HARRISBURG- Two Pennsylvania senators announced a bill Thursday that would help school districts hire more professionals to help students with their mental health needs.

    Sens. Wayne Langerholc Jr. and Tom McGarrigle both back the bill, according to a press release.

    "Through conversations with school officials in our districts, it is evident that we need to dedicate serious and sustainable funding to enable our schools to assist their students with mental health needs," Langerholc said in a press release.

    The bill would help schools hire professionals who would hold multiple positions such as a social worker, school psychologist, or guidance counselor.

    According to a release, funding would come from filing fees for civil actions, legal proceedings, property transfers and criminal, traffic and summary filings.

    "Identifying mental health issues early helps prevent a child from falling behind academically and possibly acting out violently. Our legislation sends the message that the mental health and safety of Pennsylvania students is a top priority," said McGarrigle in a release.

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