A closer look at bullying and school discipline

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    WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - The United States government is pushing to improve school discipline, but it could be having the opposite effect on students.

    Actions such as fights, bullying, and chaos in the classroom could happen in any school around the nation.

    For one family in Baltimore County, Maryland the experience was heart-wrenching. The mother recorded her daughter begging not to go to school. Her daughter said she was bullied and hit by another student in the school.

    “I had to take her to her doctor that Friday. Her doctor couldn't even touch her head,” the mother said.

    Her daughter stayed out of school for three days. The classroom bully was right back in the classroom.

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    In 2014, President Barack Obama launched a revolution in our kids’ classrooms, putting a national spotlight on new data that said minorities were disproportionately suspended. School districts everywhere were warned if their policies appeared to target by race, they risked a federal investigation.

    "There are ways to modify bad behavior that lead to good behavior," President Obama stated.

    In all, 27 states went on to revise school discipline policies to reduce suspensions.

    But conservative critics like Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute Max Eden, says the government’s plan has backfired and made our kids’ classrooms less safe because school administrators feel the pressure to improve their data.

    “You see weapons being confiscated and given back to students because if you process the weapons, you have to file a police report and that looks bad on you as a principal,” Eden said.

    Edan added that discipline had become a numbers game. If the actions are not documented, then there isn’t a problem. He believes the data on school bullying is “absolutely” and “systematically” fake.

    Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group

    The incident with the second-grade girl in Maryland, lead to a police investigation. They found she was the victim of a crime, assault in the second degree. The school’s investigation found no evidence of bullying and would not document the attack. The young girl’s mother decided to puller her daughter out of school but fears her daughter will be bullied again.

    The school declined to comment for this report.

    Editor’s Note: The names and identities of victims were not disclosed for their safety.

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