14,000 pounds of cocaine found disguised as bananas in Texas

Bananas (MGN via Pixabay)

HOUSTON, Texas (WKRC) - On Saturday $18 million dollars worth of cocaine was found disguised as bananas.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Jeremy Desel said, "I know there are several entities investigating and it's a pretty significant find for them."

The Scott Unit near Freeport was offered a couple of free pallets of bananas as a donation.

Two sergeants went to the port to pick them up and found the cocaine inside.

"One of the sergeants noticed one of the boxes didn't seem quite right, looked a little further, removed that box off one of the pallets, looked inside and saw something extraordinarily suspicious," said Desel.

Inside 45 boxes under all the bunches of bananas was 450 kilos of cocaine.

The drugs were immediately seized.

This is apparently not the first time DEA agents have seen drugs smuggled in such strange ways.

The department has reported heroin hidden in a car axle, meth in re-sealed ice tea cans and meth attached to functioning car rims.

Desel said, "Our correctional officers are trained to notice things out of place that don't seem quite right and they're doing their jobs not just on our units but somewhere else and they found something good today."

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