Pennsylvania teen girl kicked out of her prom for wearing a suit instead of a dress

Aniya Wolf said she was kicked out of her prom for wearing a suit instead of a dress.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A high school student in Harrisburg said was kicked out of her prom because she was wearing a suit and not a dress.

According to Aniya Wolf she is not transgender. She said she is a lesbian who doesn't want to wear girly clothes.

The Wolf family said a last minute email explained girls had to wear a dress to prom.

They called the school and Aniya went to the prom this weekend anyway, in a suit, where

A school official kicked her out.

Wolf said the school official even threatened to call the police.

Leaders at Bishop McDevitt High School released a statement saying the prom dress code was sent to parents about three months ago and a reminder was sent on March 6th.

Wolf said she's always felt accepted by other students at school but says school officials made her fee "like a mistake."

Hundreds of comments have flooded social media in response to the controversy and many students are using #SuitsForAniya on Twitter to show their support.

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