Pennsylvania restaurant gives discount for phone-free meals

A Pennsylvania restaurant is giving a discount for phone-free meals. (Photo by AP)

STROUDSBURG - A restaurant in the Poconos is encouraging families to put their phones down at the dinner table by giving them a discount on their meal.

The rules are posted on a big sign outside Sarah's Corner Cafe in Stroudsburg, according to WNEP.

The owners of the restaurant give a 10 percent discount to families who keep their eyes off their phones.

Patrons who took the challenge on said they like the idea and wouldn't mind if more places started to advocate for phone-free mealtimes.

"No, you know, we just sat here shooting the breeze, talking about whatever have you and no one picked up their phones. It was nice,” said Charles Mullaney.

Others said during a time where text messages and social media trump actual conversation, this is a good effort to get the whole family involved

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