Man builds 'Lego leg' while waiting for prosthetic

Marc Cronin lost his leg due to complications with diabetes CREDIT: MARC CRONIN

An amputee is raising awareness about diabetes after posting a photo on Reddit.

Matt Cronin, a 32-year-old dad from England, shared a photo showing off his improvised “Lego leg.”

Cronin said his right leg was amputated after he was diagnosed with diabetes.

“Diabetes is a horrible thing to have and I didn't realize just how serious it could be, but if you eat well, exercise and control it you won't have any problems,” he told the Telegraph.

One day he got the idea to build his own leg when his wife and daughter started to play with Legos.

He admitted he can’t go very far with the "Lego leg" but has found online fame after posting the image on Reddit.

Cronin is currently on a waiting list to receive a prosthetic leg.

He said he is looking forward to getting his new leg, and his daughter will probably be happy to get her Legos back too.

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