Expectant moms use laughing gas to help with pain during childbirth

One hospital in Minnesota is offering laughing gas to women during child birth. (MGN Online)

Expectant mothers now have a new option to deal with the pain during childbirth.

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is something dentists have always used, but now the gas is being offered to pregnant women.

Nitrous oxide is currently being offered as a pain-relieving option at St. Luke’s Hospital in Minnesota.

According to the hospital’s website, St. Luke’s is the only hospital in the region to offer this lower-intervention method of pain management that keeps the mother in complete control.

The mother will place a mask on her face and inhale for about 30 seconds before a contraction begins.

This will allow the gas to reach peak effect at the time of the contraction.

As for moms wanting to keep it natural, board-certified Ob-Gyn Dr. Greg. Marchand said the nitrous oxide takes the pain away, while keeping the mom present.

"This is completely patient-controlled. A mother can give herself as much or as little nitrous oxide as she feels she needs, and it's very safe," Marchand told Fox10.

He also added the nitrous oxide gives the mom and baby more oxygen, not less.

Doctors will not let moms use other pain-relieving drugs while they are also using the gas.

Dr. Marchand said the gas has no side effects for the mother or the child.

He said the babies will not be sleepy or sedated from the gas.

Experts claim the gas helps with the pain, but it doesn’t complete eliminate it, as an epidural would.

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