9-year-old makes plea to Hersheypark to lower costs for guests with disabilities

CBS 21/Lara Greenberg (@LaraCBS21)

A 9-year-old boy is fighting Hersheypark on his father's behalf.

Owen Williams' father can't walk, so the price of renting a scooter at the park has him upset.

A few years ago, Owen convinced Dutch Wonderland to reduce its pricing for scooter rentals.

Owen's father, Brad, suffers from spinocerebellar ataxia, which means his cerebellum is shrinking.

The former rodeo rider and wrestler has not walked in three years.

Brad's recent trip to Hersheypark was even more costly than his $60 admission ticket. That's because he had to pay another $45 to rent a motorized scooter.

Owen, upset about the extra cost, made a video on Facebook.

"It was way too much for him to pay and he doesn't even get on the rides," Owen said in the video.

"Makes me happy to know that he's supportive of me through all this," Brad said.

In response to the video, Hersheypark's Public Relations Manager Kathy Burrows emailed CBS 21 the following statement:

"We are confident that the time, training and policies we've put in place have a positive impact on our guests' experience."

But with over 11,000 views, Owen and his father are hoping the video will spur change.

Hersheypark does allow guests to bring their own scooters to the park. However, Owen and Brad say they have no way of transporting a heavy scooter in their vehicle.

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