Woman arrested in purse theft that was valued at nearly $10K

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Johnstown woman is facing felony theft charges two months after police say she snatched a purse from a Walmart shopper that contained items valued at $9,845.

According to police, Stephanie Baxter had also been accused of stealing purses in Freedom Township and Cambria Township. In August, police told 6 News that Baxter's deft handling of the theft, caught on Walmart security cameras, seemed to indicate that it was not her first purse heist.

According to court documents, Richland Township police got four tips that the woman on the security tape was Baxter after detectives posted her picture on Facebook and the story ran on local news.

Baxter got away with more than $3,000 in cash, a medical device worth $3,000, jewelry worth $2,670 and other property worth $1,030, police said. Because she is facing felony charges, Baxter could be sentenced to jail time if convicted.

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