Two rallies held in Central Pennsylvania, both with concerns about guns

Across Central Pennsylvania, people rallied together on one specific issue: guns. (WJAC)

PENNSYLVANIA – Across Central Pennsylvania, people rallied together on one specific issue: guns. 6 News talked to people on both sides of the issue Saturday night.

At a Second Amendment rally, gun owners gathered to support each other and learn which candidates have anti-gun restrictions before this year’s election.

"Our right to keep bear arms is an important part of the Constitution and I think we need to protect that," gun owner Frank Josefik said.

More than 150 people came together at the Grice Gun Shop for the annual Second Amendment rally.

"More gun laws aren't going to solve the problem unless we're enforcing the ones that are already there," Josefik said.

Some residents in Clearfield County, the location of the Grice Gun Shop, say the Second Amendment is under attack.

"This has been our largest turnout ever,. I think people understand now that it's really under attack ... more than ever," Grice Gun Shop owner Tom Grice said.

Meanwhile, residents gathered in State College for a town hall meeting about gun violence.

"I don't know too much about guns myself, but I do know the impact that they can have on communities when there's not common sense legislation," resident Connor Chapman said.

The push for stricter gun laws concerns gun owners and hunters.

"Well if they take our guns, what's a hunter going to do?” hunter and local resident Jerry Gaines said. “I mean we have rights, too."

Some residents believe a middle ground can be found.

"In rural places where the police aren't around or hunting is a way of life, of course you can have a rifle, I don’t have a problem with that,” Chapman said. “My problem is, why do you need an assault rifle or a semi-automatic weapon or anything like that, that you don’t need to hunt?"

Grice disagrees.

"Some of the anti-gun people get an inch, they'll want a mile," Grice said.

One event organizer says the air can be cleared if everyone just comes together to talk.

"I think there are many ways we can come to a common ground and we need to have conversations like today so that misunderstandings are cleared up," Moms Demand Action spokesperson Steva Stowell Hardcastle said.

The Second Amendment rally group has planned another event in Harrisburg on April 30.

Attendees at the State College event were hoping to get more people registered to vote and know who is pro-gun restrictions and who is against them.

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