State police warn of scams taking advantage of government shutdown

    State police warn of scams taking advantage of government shutdown. (MGN)

    Pennsylvania State Police are reminding residents to stay alert for recent scams that “may take advantage of the current government shutdown.”

    Police said the scams could appear in emails, phone solicitations or pop-ups on the internet.

    “Residents should note that due to the shutdown the Federal Trade Commission customer complaint system is non-operational, leaving a gap between victim reporting and consumer alerts,” said state police in a release.

    Police advise residents to contact a local police station if something doesn’t seem right and is suspicious.

    Recommendations include to never provide personal information such as a Social Security number, date of birth, credit card number, bank account or address; never open an email that seems suspicious; and if someone claiming to be with a government agency calls over the phone, hang up.

    State police said government agencies will rarely call unless you reach out to them first. If there’s uncertainty, police suggest hanging up and calling the agency at its customer service number.

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