State College Borough Council votes in favor of overnight parking restrictions

Overnight parking was the hot topic during the State College Borough Council meeting. (WJAC)

STATE COLLEGE – Overnight parking was the hot topic during the State College Borough Council meeting. There's been an ongoing discussion into making parking restrictions during Penn State football nights.

On Penn State football game days, the city gets crowded with not only students, but visitors and alumni. There was a lot of back -and-forth tonight during the council meeting when it came to the vote on overnight parking restrictions during football weekends.

One resident said it just gets too crowded --, and they want things to be more under control.

"There's a parking crisis in the neighborhoods. That’s why the folks in the Highlands Civic Association have come forward," council president Evan Myers said.

A heated debate lasted hours between borough council members when it came to the vote of overnight parking.

"I think it’s worth a try and absolutely better than doing nothing," council member Theresa Lafer said.

It came down to a 4-3 vote in favor of parking being prohibited between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

The vote comes after the Highland Civic Association requested parking restrictions during Penn State football weekends.

6 News talked to one resident who lives in the neighborhood and has seen how crazy things can get during football weekends.

"Well, there's a lot of pressure on neighborhoods on special event weekends, and basically it's gridlock with parking, and what we're trying to do is empower residents, both owner occupied and even rental, to have some more buy in on their own street," Highlands resident David Stone said.

Some board members spoke out against the idea of parking being restricted in the Highlands neighborhood.

"I think this permitting system is a bit incomplete," council member Jessie Barlow said.

"It's not going to do anything. We spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure this out because we're about to have a big problem,” Myers said.

But some residents and officials are pushing for this experiment.

"It's supposed to be an experiment, it's supposed to be a pilot. Experiment means you do something to learn something," council member David Brown said.

According to officials, Mayor Don Hahn plans to veto the ordinance. He has 14 days to do so.

As of the now, the vote passed. If not vetoed, the restrictions will go into effect for this year's football season. Penn State's first home game is scheduled for Sept. 1.

Another meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 27 at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the parking with more residents.

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