Somerset County emergency officials announce new alert system

Somerset County emergency officials announce new alert system CodeRED

The Somerset County Department of Emergency Services announced the launch of a mass emergency notification system on Saturday.

CodeRED will notify residents of evacuations, floods, chemicals spills, water main breaks, weather alerts and more.

All public phone numbers in the county are already enrolled to get notifications. If your number is unlisted, you will need to register it with the system if you wish to receive the notifications.

"It's another tool for the public safety agencies' toolbox to use in the event of an emergency. Fire, police and emergency medical services will be able to activate the system, and our Somerset 911 center will be able to send a notification," said Joel Landis, the director of emergency services for Somerset County.

Whether you have a landline or a cellphone, you'll be able to receive emergency notifications from CodeRED. The notifications will come in as a call, and when you answer, an automated message will play, alerting you of the danger.

However, when registering, residents can also opt to receive the notifications by email and text. You can even download the CodeRED app to get notifications.

"It gives our dispatchers ease and faster ability to get out to the public when there is a notification that needs to be sent out to them," said David Fox, the 911 coordinator for Somerset County.

CodeRED will be tested for the first time on Tuesday, March 19, at 3 p.m. The Somerset County Department of Emergency Services hopes many residents will enroll in the program.

Residents can also enroll to receive general notifications from the system on things like power outages and road closures.

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