Toomey's office flooded with 'thousands' of calls

JOHNSTOWN -- Staffers at Sen. Pat Toomey's Johnstown office said they've gotten "thousands" of phone calls since President Trump's immigration executive order over the weekend.

On Monday, protesters from State College said they made 362 calls to Toomey's state offices.

One of the protesters, Jacob Ryan, said calling senators is a way to participate in government.

"Their concerns are our concerns," he said, "and their problems are our problems."

Toomey released a statement on Monday saying he was generally in support of Trump's immigration plans, but that he thought the executive order had not been rolled out well.

The statement read, in part:

Unfortunately, the initial executive order was flawed - it was too broad and poorly explained. This apparently resulted in denied entry into the United States for lawful permanent residents and others who should have been allowed immediate entry.

Laurel Petrulionis, another person protesting at Toomey's office Monday, said this kind of activism is important to her.

"Yes, we all got to vote in November, and that was important, but our civic duty doesn't end with voting," she said. "Once the officials are in office, it's up to us to make sure they represent us and to hold them accountable."

Toomey's office in Washington sent 6 News a statement Monday afternoon, saying they've spoken with the protesters before and that they support their right to demonstrate.

The entire statement reads:

Senator Toomey’s staff has met with these protesters multiple times in various of his seven state offices in recent months. The regional manager in Johnstown met with them today.
Senator Toomey’s staff is happy to meet with constituents in the office from time to time as issues warrant. And the Senator appreciates hearing from Pennsylvanians and keeps their thoughts in mind when considering all issues.
This group continues to protest on days when Senator Toomey is in the Washington, D.C. conducting official business. They have every right to continue their protests.
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