"Revenant" gun made by local gunsmith


EMPORIUM, Pa. - The rifle used by Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Revenant" was made by an Emporium man.

Ron Luckenbill started building guns over 5o years ago.

He said he builds about a dozen contemporary long rifles each year from his workshop in Cameron County.

Luckenbill said the phone call he got during the summer of 2014, which he thought was a scam, turned out to be the call of a lifetime.

"We subsequently concluded a deal to make the gun that Leonardo DiCaprio would be using in the movie," he said.

Luckenbill is owner of Recreating History, a business that makes guns. He said he was contacted by producers of the revenant about an Angstadt rifle on his website.

He said he had one gun in stock, made an exact duplicate, and got both guns to British Columbia in less than a month.

"It's not an opportunity you get every day and this is a once in a lifetime shot for me," Luckenbill said. "So I did the work that was necessary."

Luckenbill keeps an autographed photo of the film's star, holding his Bucks County style rifle, in his workshop.

He said he purchases the curly maple wood locally to create the guns.

"It's cut into a gun shape and then a barrel is set into the stock."

Luckenbill said he has built a total of 288 guns, and has had many orders since the movie, four of those being orders for a replica of the revenant gun. His work for the movie was featured in the NRA publication, "American Rifleman."

He said he was thinking about retiring again after building his 300th gun--but after his break with the movie--retirement is down the road again.

A copy of the rifle will be on display and for sale at the 18th Century Artisan Show in February.

More of Luckenbill's work can be see on his website.

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