Punxsutawney School Board decides on consolidation plan

The Punxsutaweny Area School Board decided on which consolidation plan to move forward with Wednesday night. (WJAC)

PUNXSUTAWNEY - The Punxsutawney Area School Board decided on which consolidation plan to move forward with Wednesday night.

The plan includes closing Bell Township, Jenks Hill, Longview, Mapleview and Parkview elementary schools.

West End Elementary would be used as an administrative building.

Seventh-grade students will move to the high school, with the middle school consisting of grades kindergarten through sixth.

The board will vote on the plan at its next meeting June 12.

A controversy over the district's current bathroom procedure was also discussed.

Currently, the district allows a female student who identifies as a boy to use a private restroom and change in the boys locker room.

This was put into place last October.

Some board members believe the procedure should be removed and restroom policies should return to how they were before.

Other members said the matter shouldn't be in the hands of the school board but rather the legislators.

Students and community members against the current procedure were also in attendance.

"For me there's three issues," pastor Greg Smith said. "There's a privacy issue for the students, a protection issue for the students in terms of what could happen if this became a general policy and the decision was also hidden from the public."

"They just seem to think only about the bathroom situation but there's also the lockerrooms," sixth-grader Reagan Marshall said. "It's really uncomfortable in the locker rooms Punxsutawney has because they have a handicap stall that is single but they also have a big room of open showers."

The bathroom procedure is also expected to be discussed at the June 12 meeting but no motion was decided.

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