Proposed bills could increase Pa. fishing, hunting licensing fees

The price of fishing licensing fees could be going up. (WJAC)

The price of hunting and fishing licensing fees could be going up.

There are currently four different bills proposed that, if passed, would give the Fish and Boat Commission the ability to raise its fees and allow those fees to go up from $20 to $30 over a three- to five-year period.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has expressed interest in raising licensing fees as well.

“Hunting and fishing licenses, boating registrations -- it's a user fee. It's not a tax. You choose to go hunting and go fishing. You choose to recreate on the river. It’s just the price of being able to do that activity,” said Rep. Keith Gillespie.

The commission hasn't raised licensing fees in more than 15 years.

Some of the money would be used to fund cadet classes and improve infrastructure.

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