Pillow Pets: Johnstown charity, Pittsburgh Penguins bring cuddles to kids

Pillow Pets: Johnstown charity, Pittsburgh Penguins bring cuddles to kids, WJAC

JOHNSTOWN -- Johnstown native and Cuddles for Kids founder Conner Hagins is at it again with another new idea and way to help kids across the region.

This time, Hagins has partnered up with the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation to design a brand new "cuddle,” or stuffed animal.

They're called Pillow Pets and they have the logos of both the Penguins and Cuddles for Kids.

“When they came out with the idea, we were kind of shocked and even shaking about it because just to see how far Cuddles for Kids has come and to be able to team up with a foundation that’s as well known as the Penguins, it’s just unbelievable,” Hagins said. “And to be able to bring it back here to Johnstown where we can also donate them and sell them and give them away to local people, is pretty special to myself and my charity.”

Hagins founded Cuddles for Kids when he was only 10 years old after his father was hospitalized for heart surgery.

Now 12 years later, a college junior and active philanthropist in Pittsburgh, Hagins still finds ways to make an impact on his hometown.

“So many people when we came with this idea were (like,) “I want one This is awesome A new idea’.” Just to be able to keep the homegrown aspect and bring to Pittsburgh where we can branch out to other nonprofits is special,’ he said. “And at the end of the day, for us, it's all about who we can help and how many we can help, not only in Johnstown and Pittsburgh, but around the country.”

Hagins’ goal is to sell 500 pillow pets and then donate 2,000. The Pens also have 2,500 to give away themselves.

Pillow Pets can be purchased online at or at several places across Johnstown including Hogue's Fun Factory, Jet Lube, Room 1101 Hair and Nail Salon and Dr. John Walker’s office. They cost $10 a piece.

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