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Penn State professor listed in Forbes '30 under 30'

Huanyu Cheng, 28, was included in this years Forbes "30 under 30" list for his scientific achievements. (WJAC)

UNIVERSITY PARK -- Huanyu Cheng, 28, was included in this year's Forbes "30 under 30" list for his scientific achievements.

The Penn State professor received this prestigious honor after working at the university for only a year and half.

"It's remarkable," said Judith Todd, head of the engineering science and mechanics department. "It's harder to get on that list than it is to get into Harvard or Stanford."

Out of the 25,000 applicants, only 600 people are chosen. Forbes highlighted Cheng's work on a research team that created electronic tattoos that are designed to disintegrate into the human body.

Cheng describes his invention as a hair-thin, electronic patch, capable of detecting heart rates, temperature, and even radiation.

The patch is soft, like human skin, and after years of wearing it, it will be able to completely dissolve into the body, keeping the medical sensor, inside the skin.

"Seeing myself in this big picture is really exciting," said Cheng. "That's why we are really looking forward and trying to push this technology to the forefront."

Cheng said it takes a team of researchers to pull the project together, and a collaboration of both professors and students. He hopes to have the patch finished in less then a decade.

Todd said Cheng is the first professor in the department to be put on the list.

"It's an inspiration to our students and faculty, other colleges and even medical schools," Todd said.

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