Penn State 2017 Fiesta Bowl tickets now available for fans

Fiesta Bowl tickets for Penn State's showdown with Washington are now available to everyone.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – In three and a half weeks, Penn State will be facing off against the Washington Huskies in the Fiesta Bowl. Penn State fans are willing to make the trip out west to see them can now buy their tickets.

Fiesta Bowl tickets for Penn State's showdown with Washington are now available to everyone.

Fans can request up to eight tickets for the big game on Dec. 30 in Phoenix.

"I've never been to Arizona but I've been everywhere else, so this is a new experience," PSU alumnus and fan DJ Picca said.

Super fan Picca has traveled to countless different bowl games to cheer on the Nittany Lions and booked his trip through a travel agency Sunday -- almost as soon as the bowl match-up was announced.

"Ever since then, like I said. James Franklin has continued to build the program and I continue to follow them,'" Picca said.

PSU student Cameron Panase is a diehard fan who sat in the front row at every game this season...

"I'm excited about personally going to Phoenix," said Panase.

He was one of the first 250 PSU students to pick up a free ticket to the big game.

Penn State initially said all student tickets would cost $155, which made some upset.

"I think my twitter page was the first one to point this out, to get it viral, that Penn State was charging $155,” Panase said. “Which is ridiculous for against Washington, for a team that there's no rivalry, there's nothing."

Now, Penn State has released a scaled pricing system for student tickets, with the first 250 free., the next 250 costing $55 and the rest $155.

"I think they will sell but probably not as many, since it's Washington and they're charging this price,” PSU student Danny Guerrn said. “If it was cheaper, they would definitely be selling more tickets and I would probably be more interested."

Wednesday afternoon, a PSU student said they're still selling the $55 tickets.

The total price of a trip to Arizona continues to be an issue for some Nittany Lions fans leaving some fans on Twitter saying they'll request tickets or money for Christmas in hopes to be at the game.

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