Paranormal investigators visit Johnstown

Paranormal investigators are in Johnstown Saturday night checking out the old Grand Army of the Republic Hall downtown. (WJAC)

JOHNSTOWN -- Paranormal investigators are in Johnstown Saturday night checking out the old Grand Army of the Republic Hall downtown.

The owners of the building have reported unknown activity over the years -- and now a crew from a reality TV show is here to investigate.

They call themselves the Ghost Aholics Crew.

They are a group of paranormal investigators, current and former law enforcement members, and a psychic.

They’ve been to Johnstown before, in 2014. Now they're back to see what spirits and activity they can find.

In downtown Johnstown’s Central Park, sits the Grand Army of the Republic Hall. It’s a building with a lot of history, and what some say is a lot of paranormal activity.

"The building's very old. We've actually been here previously and picked up some spiritual activity, so we're here to reevaluate," said Madam Della, who describes herself as a master psychic witch.

Della is the CEO of Devil Dog Film & Movie Productions, which produces the show "Ghost Aholics." She’s visiting Johnstown to see what's behind the walls of this old building.

"Usually we hope to find, have contact with some, a type of spirit that can communicate, that's conscious enough to communicate with us," Della said. “So that's what we hope to find, some ghosts."

The Ghost Aholics Crew is in Johnstown filming a new episode for Amazon Prime.

Host Jerry Burkhead, or JB as he's known, said his crew is back to find more spirits in the building.

"We're going to see if the same spirits were here last time that we (were) here,” Burkhead said. “We got a lot of activity in the basement and the attic, and some of the other rooms, but more in the attic and the basement than any other part of the building."

"This building was built after the 1889 flood, but the spirits are still here from just being in Central Park in Johnstown," GAR building owner Randy Beisel said.

Beisel said the building was built in 1893 for Civil War veterans.

He and his wife have seen unexplainable shadows, and doors opening and closing on their own, in the nine years they've owned the building.

Burkhead is hoping to catch some activity on wireless cameras set up throughout the third floor.

"And they're night vision also, so once it's pitch black in here and there's no flashlights, nothing on, still going to pick it up," Burkhead said.

Despite the activity upstairs, Beissel wants to turn the top floor into a museum.

"We're trying to restore the third floor here and make it into a museum for the GAR and the Civil War veterans," he said.

Burkhead said the full show will most likely be available on Amazon Prime sometime in mid-October.

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