New law requires motorists to slow down when passing roadside workers


JOHNSTOWN, Penn. (WJAC) - Motorists should be aware of a new Pennsylvania law.

The "slow down to get around" law was created to keep roadside workers safe and educate drivers on how to safely pass them on the road.

The legislation requires drivers to slow down when passing stationary tow trucks, trash haulers, mail delivery vans and other vehicles involved in performing a roadside service.

The law also requires solid waste collection vehicles to activate a bright yellow strobe light on the roof while collecting.

Drivers must move at least one lane away when possible, or slow down and be prepared to stop if needed.

If they don't, drivers can be charged with careless or reckless driving, which carry fines and points on your driving record.

The bureau of labor statistics ranks trash and recycling collection as the fifth-deadliest jobs in the country; nearly two-thirds of those deaths are transportation-related.

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