New dining experience in DuBois

1950's Diner Car

DUBOIS, Pa.-- A rail car conversion diner found its way to DuBois.

"We have a 1950's passenger train and a 1913 parlor car train," Todd Jones, Manager of The Depot at Doolittle's, said.

The Depot at Doolittle's, located at 1290 Rich Highway, opened it's 1950's train just a few weeks ago and it's 1913 car on New Year's Eve.

Themed by the year in which they were built, the trains bring some history to DuBois.

The Pennsylvania Railroad once brought economic prosperity to the city. The Depot also serves as a museum of that era.

"The 1913 parlor car train is one of four that was ever made and one of two that was made from the Milwaukee road," said Jones.

The 1950's diner car is a Pullman Standard cross country passenger train and holds up to 38 people. The 1913 parlor car can hold up to 32 people.

Jones said The Depot's owner, Dr. Jeffrey Rice, loved trains growing up. Rice is fulfilling his lifelong dream with his restaurant.

"We hope to bring travelers, train enthusiasts, and people from all over the country," Jones said.

The Depot at Doolittle's is working on a bed and breakfast train and also plans to have Teddy Roosevelt's train car near the end of the year.

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