Local restaurant holds fundraiser to help fallen Trooper Weaver's family

BEDFORD -- A week after Trooper Landon Weaver was killed, hundreds are still remembering and supporting his memory and his family.

Select locations of Hoss's Steak and Sea House donated 25 percent of all proceeds Saturday to benefit Weaver's family.

Hundreds of people came to eat at Hoss's Saturday to benefit Weaver's family.

At one point, there was not one spot empty in the entire parking lot.

It was a busy day at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House in Bedford. Manager Kayla Hetzel was overwhelmed because there were so many customers giving back, supporting Weaver's widow, Macy.

"It's so amazing that everybody’s willing to back her up. It's so nice,” Hetzel said. “I just hope that she knows how much we're behind her and how much we support her."

Hetzel's husband is a state trooper, and together they decided to organize fundraisers across the restaurant chain because she says it's a brotherhood, and the Weavers are family.

"She's living my nightmare and probably anyone who loves someone who does law enforcement or any type of first responder job,” Hetzel said. “It's crazy to think that all of these people are willing to help someone they don't know."

Manager James Petrou was integral to Saturday's success as well.

"We just have a really good rapport with the troopers around here,” Petrou said. They always come in to eat and everything like that, and I really felt like it was the right thing to do."

Customers are amazed at the outpouring of support.

"I had to park at Sheetz because this place is packed,” customer Sue Kane said. “I'm glad that they're doing something like this, and I hope more people come out and pay tribute."

Hoss's set a single rose and a place set in honor of Weaver.

The missing man table, as it's called.

There also was a donation box for those wanting to give more.

"It's a warm feeling inside to know that everybody cares and wants to whatever they can to help support the family," customer Katherine Erlichman said.

"I want all the troopers to be safe out there, so we don't have to do things like this," Petrou said.

Not every Hoss’s location is participating, but every Hoss’s does have a donation box for those wishing to help.

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