Jefferson County power outage causes thousands of dollars in damage

BROOKVILLE - Nearly 500 people in Brookville Borough were affected by a power outage on last week.

A spokesman from Penelec said the outage occurred shortly after 1 p.m. Friday and was fully restored by 5:05 p.m. Penelec stated 467 people were affected.

Borough manager Dana Shick said Penelec stated the cause of the power outage was human error.

"There's two things that could of occurred; it could have been cross wired or a live wire could have been dropped on another live wire," Shick said. "It sends more power through one line than what should ever go through it, resulting in the power surge that we saw."

Reports of damage ranged from residents losing a refrigerator to losing all appliances in the kitchen or losing everything in the house.

Borough Emergency Management Agency coordinator Kyle Zents said Jefferson County 911 received dozens of calls Friday.

"They received a lot of structure fire and smell of smoke type calls," Zents said. "There were calls for flames showing on the meter boxes themselves."

The county is collecting data about the power surge. Depending on the extent of the damages, the borough might be eligible for some state assistance.

When questions as to who should pay the bill, Penelec said they could not give an answer until claims have been submitted.

For a copy of the borough's damage report, click here.

Shick said residents should also file claims with their insurance.

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