Habitat for Hounds needs your help caring for neglected horses

Habitat for Hounds need your help caring for neglected horses. (Courtesy: Habitat for Hounds)

Ever since two horses were rescued from a Cambria Township home in December 2017, Habitat for Hounds has been caring for the animals. Now, the organization needs your help financially, so the horses can continue to receive the care they need.

“They are beautiful horses now,” says Emily Christoff, humane officer for Habitat for Hounds. “When they came to us they were emaciated and not in good shape but you wouldn’t know that now. Anyone would be lucky to have them. They deserve a good home.”

As the horses were recovering, all the expenses for the animals fell on Habitat for Hounds. The organization has filed for restitution in court but that money isn't guaranteed.

“We have encountered a lot of bills from the horses that has been a burden on the rescue," says Christoff. “We hope to get that back in restitution. But we have done everything from medical expenses, very large medical expenses, food and boarding.”

In a court hearing Wednesday, a Cambria County judge granted custody of the horses to Habitat for Hounds.

“We are hoping to get justice for them in the end but just having them in our custody is a big relief,” says Christoff.

Now, the search can begin for their permanent home.

“They will be available for adoption under Habitat for Hounds," says Christoff. “They are with a trainer right now, being further evaluated, so we can give the most accurate information and get the best home for these guys because they deserve it.”

Until the horses are officially adopted, they are still being cared for by Habitat for Hounds. But the organization needs your help.

“Please donate in any way you can,” says Christoff. ”If you can't donate please just share our page and make others aware that we need donations now because all of the costs are now incurred on us.”

If you are interested in donating to help the organization continue to care for these horses and other animals you can head to their website for more information

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