Guest pays for Huntingdon State Troopers' meals

Whether a friend, family member, colleague or neighbor, people came together to the Huntingdon Hoss's Steak and Sea House Saturday in honor of their local Pennsylvania State Trooper, Landon Weaver.

Before the restaurant even opened, a guest paid for all of the Huntingdon State Troopers' meals. When the doors opened, over a dozen troopers were waiting outside to share a meal in honor of their fallen brother. By lunchtime, the waiting room was packed and the entire dining room was filled.

Huntingdon Hoss's General Manager Mark Shareffler says that he is honored to be a part of this and that he has never seen a lunch rush like he did Saturday.

"I think that this has brought the community closer together," Shareffler said. "The state troopers and our patrons come in on a weekly basis. You know having this event is the least we can do to show our support and our community is definitely rallied around that"

In addition to the donations, the restaurant is showing their support with t-shirts that say "Duty, Honor, Courage" and "Blue Lives Matter." In front of the restaurant is a table set up to honor of Trooper Weaver with memorabilia.

Smithfield fire Chief Kevin Rosevear said when he arrived with his family around noon, the parking lot was packed.

"I can only imagine what supper is going to be like," Rosevear said. "When we got here, the parking lot was already full."

Hoss's in Huntingdon and several other locations will have 25 percent of their checks go towards the Weaver family until close on Saturday.

Those that may have missed the event can make monetary donations until Sunday night. The restaurant chain plans to give the proceeds to the Weaver family on Monday.

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