Former Greater Johnstown Middle School security guard accused of sexually assaulting teen

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JOHNSTOWN – A former Greater Johnstown Middle School security guard is facing multiple charges, accused of being sexually involved with a 13-year-old student.

Zachary Jon Taylor, 28, of Orange Avenue, Johnstown, is charged with having sex with someone less than 16 years old, institutional sexual assault of a minor and corruption of a minor, sexual assault and indecent assault.

According to a criminal complaint, officials said Taylor was a security guard at the middle school, contracted through Black Knight Security Agency.

Authorities said Taylor would take the student for elevator rides, where the victim said the two would allegedly kiss inside.

The alleged incidents happened in April.

According to the complaint, surveillance video shows the security guard and the girl commonly walking down the school hallways together alone.

The victim said the two would also talk on social media, through Facebook and Snapchat. On one occasion, the victim said the two sent nude pictures to each other.

In the paperwork, the victim also stated it was clear Taylor was aware of her age and at one point said "he should wait until she was 16."

On April 24, the two met after school. Taylor picked up the victim and went to a nearby cemetery on Mountain Road in the West End of Johnstown.

That's when, according to officials, Taylor allegedly unbuckled his pants, and the two had sexual relations with each other.

Court documents said two went on elevator rides at the school alone on multiple occasions, using Taylor's security keys.

On April 28, school officials questioned he victim about her contact with Taylor.

Twelve days later, on May 9, officials said Taylor was scheduled to work until 3 o'clock-- but quit his job prior to the end of his shift- saying he "wasn't going to deal with the allegations against him."

The complaint said Taylor has denied ever talking to the victim or that she was ever in his car.

He's facing multiple charges including sexual assault-- and indecent assault.

The Greater Johnstown School District issued a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“In late April, early May 2017, the District conducted an internal investigation regarding allegations as it related to the District’s Third Party Security Provider. On May 9, 2017, the District was notified that a security guard separated his employment with the Third Party Security Provider. Prior to such separation, the District responded immediately and in accordance with all applicable laws and District policies.
“This matter has been turned over to local law enforcement at this time and the District will not discuss any personnel matters surrounding this incident, until further notice.”

The security agency has not responded to a call seeking comment.

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