Failure to communicate? Hollidaysburg resident seeks answer to parking permit inquiry

A permitted parking spot on Wayne Street in Hollidaysburg.

Finding parking in downtown Hollidaysburg can be a challenge, even for those who live there.

One resident says she's been battling the borough for more than a year to get a spot near her home.

Emily Rickens says she has tried to get a parking permit since she moved to her Wayne Street home last December. She told us she couldn't get a straight answer from the borough on why no action was taken on her application.

“I just want to know what's going on,” Rickens said.

On-street parking is limited in the busy corridor near the Blair County Courthouse.

“I called them at the end of December and they said they got my application everything was fine they would process it later,” said Rickens.

But as time went by, she heard nothing. Eventually she called a call from the borough manager.

“They said the parking structure of the borough was about to be revamped,” Rickens recalled. “They were adding spots, taking away spots because they were having a lot of trouble with all the businesses downtown and with the courthouse parking.”

She said they told her they were not going to issue any permits until they figured out a new plan. However that parking committee never came to any solutions.

They said they were tabling it indefinitely.

She says she even offered to make it easy, e-mailing them that she could take a nearby neighbor’s spot since they were moving out.

“They just removed the sign the next day and I never heard back from them,” said Rickens. “I guess I couldn't get the spot.”

6 News was able to talk to the borough manager's secretary. It turns out that under their current plan: Megan’s residence does not qualify for a permit. The secretary said that when they reviewed Rickens’ application they found out that the borough had been issuing permits on that side of the street in error.

The secretary also confirmed that a parking committee is evaluating their parking plan, but there is no time frame for when they are going revise the plan.

“They've never said that to me at all,” Rickens said when he we told her of the borough’s response. “Communication as a borough resident is something I'm craving right now.

Now having to switch gears, Rickens says she'll keep looking and will consider bringing up her concerns at future council meetings and with the parking committee.

As for those who got their permits in error, the manager's secretary says they'll still be able to keep them as long as they want, the borough will simply not issue new permits to those seeking one.

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