Dubois student battles cancer, receives hundreds of cards to support him

Hundreds of people are coming together, hoping they can step in and help a Dubois Middle School student battling cancer. (WJAC)

REYNOLDSVILLE – Hundreds of people are coming together in Jefferson County, hoping they can step in and help a Dubois Middle School student who is terminally ill.

The eighth-grader has been battling cancer on and off for about eight years.

"It had blew up,” his mother, Kristi Potter, said. “It's now bigger, in his back, it's farther up in his back, it's up into his thoracic part of his back. It's in his knees, his elbows, his shoulders."

In October of 2010, Maddox Hyde had what his parents thought was just a regular old bloody nose, but the blood wouldn't stop.

"They did some tests and some scans., and they found a tumor the size of a grapefruit," Potter said.

Since then, the 14-year-old has been fighting for his life.

"If it were (me), I would just want to take my skin and body and pull it out,” Potter said. “But he seems to be pretty positive."

Now, his family says his school has been supporting him with fundraisers and other local events.

"It's just amazing. I could not ask for a better community to live in," Potter said.

Most recently, his mother says it’s been a trend of Christmas cards: hundreds and hundreds of cards from people everywhere.

"It is really cool to see how many people are sending them," Maddox said.

He says the cards feature pictures, stories and long messages. One retired officer gave him his prized possession,: his patch he wore for over 20 years. Another card came with a bottle of sand from the beach. Each one of the hundreds of cards had something special. So many people sent cards that he got the same ones more than once.

Maddox said just reading them all makes his battle a little easier.

"It makes me happy," Maddox said.

Just when he thought the surprises were over, the community rallied together to plan a surprise Christmas party.

"Makes me happy to see how many people are supporting us and me in general," Maddox said.

Maddox was all smiles as he was greeted by friends and family. One of his classmates said the surprise was needed after everything he's been through.

"We came out here because he's such a nice kid, and he deserves this," classmate Morgan Bojalod said.

According to Potter, Maddox is no longer doing treatments.

Maddox says he would love for more people to send him Christmas cards. If you’d like to give Maddox a Christmas card, they can be sent to 333 Ohio St., Reynoldsville, PA 15851.

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