'Digging up trouble'


It's been a costly and controversial project for residents of the Johnstown area.

A state-mandate is requiring the 20 municipalities that feed into the sewer lines of the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority to modernize their system to prevent overflows at the Dornick Point Wastewater Treatment Plant that cause raw sewage to end up in the Conemaugh River during peak times. The JRA is doing this by eliminating stormwater from the system.

Each municipality is fixing their lines a little differently, but in most cases, it has meant thousands of dollars of repairs for homeowners to get their lines up to code.

But once the community lines and the home lines are upgraded to keep stormwater out, that water still has to go somewhere. For some homeowners, when it rains, it pours into places it hasn't gone before.

6 News looks into the issue and what's being done to stop this new and expensive headache on Thursday, November 15 during 6 News At 5:00.

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