Court documents: 3-week-old baby's injuries worst doctor has ever seen

OSCEOLA MILLS, Pa. (WJAC) - New details emerged Monday about the assault of a three-week-old baby girl, according to police.

Police charged both of her parents, Aaron Mills, 32, of Osceola Mills, and Stephanie McGuire, 22, of Osceola Mills, for her injuries.

According to a criminal complaint, police said Mills admitted to police that he pulled the infant off a changing table by her ankles on Feb. 26, causing severe damage to her legs.

Police said last Wednesday that McGuire brought the infant to her gynecologist for diaper rash.

But police said the baby was quickly taken to Geisinger Medical Center's Children's Hospital for severe injuries, including two fractured femurs, bruising around the rib area, bruising on the nose, abrasions on the face and a rectal tear.

According to court documents, a doctor from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville told police that this was the worst case of child abuse in an infant he's ever seen.

The complaint said he also told police that the injury in the baby's mouth and nose would have created an extreme amount of blood loss.

According to police interviews with the parents, McGuire and Mills were the only people who have cared for the baby or were present at their home when the injuries could have occurred.

Clearfield County District Attorney William Shaw said he knows that this is a passionate case and is working on gathering evidence to hold McGuire and Mills responsible.

"This is a three-week-old child that can't speak for herself, so you have to reconstruct the events in a timeline of when injuries happened, when injuries appeared and didn't appear," Shaw said. "You have to put this case together and be able to prove it ultimately to a jury and that's what I intend to do."

Police said the baby is still recovering from her injuries in Danville.

Shaw said he's waiting on additional information from the medical examiner's office and expects additional charges to be filed soon.

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