Civil Air Patrol performs search and rescue exercises in Somerset County


FRIEDENS – About 100 cadets and senior members of the Civil Air Patrol gathered in Somerset County on Saturday to take part in the Winter Weekend, performing search and rescue exercises.

The training was focused on how to find a missing aircraft, in the event the Civil Air Patrol ever needs to help find people who are lost in Pennsylvania.

“We’re a force multiplier in reality for our first responders and whatever happens within the commonwealth and how we can fill that role,” said Pennsylvania Wing Commander Col. Gary Fleming.

Kids ages 12 to 18 were also taught first aid and basic survival skills.

The Civil Air Patrol, which is part of the United State Airforce Auxiliary, has more than 1,700 members in Pennsylvania. Officials say they are always looking for new cadets to join.

For more information about joining the Civil Air Patrol, click here.

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