Cast members and fans celebrate 40th anniversary of 'Slap Shot' movie

JOHNSTOWN -- This weekend cast members and fans from all over the world came to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famed movie "Slap Shot."

Some made a road trip and others flew to be in Johnstown.

Some fans dressed up in '70s gear and some in custom Charlestown Chiefs jerseys.

"Slap Shot" was filmed right here in Johnstown.

"We're out of Boston," fan Evan Ricker said.

"We came up here from Virginia," fan Steven Schawaroch said.

"We grabbed a bunch of guys, got together to come down and do it. And packed up the RV yesterday,” Ricker said. “Drove the eight or nine hours to be here for this event."

Ricker and his friends say they've been big fans of the movie for a long time.

"It's been a big part of our upbringing, watching the film with the buddies and just saying all the lines in the locker room for years and years."

Schawaroch has been looking forward to this event for months.

"We've known the Hanson Brothers for all these years,” Schawaroch said. “These guys are great. They sign autographs. They're just a great bunch of guys to hang around with."

Those who paid for VIP passes toured scenes from the movie -- like Central Park in downtown.

"Now make sure when you’re watching this, you're drinking a grape and orange, but none of that stinkin’ root beer," actor Dave Hanson said.

And back at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena, fans got the chance to meet and greet with the Hanson brothers and other cast members.

"It's fun to talk to people all over the United States, I said, and Canada,” actor Steve Carlson said. “It's their favorite lines, their favorite movie."

Carlson, one of the three famous Hanson Brothers, says it's a very special event to be a part of.

"This is where one of the greatest sports movies of all time, you know, one of the greatest hockey movies of all time (was filmed,) so it's great to celebrate it in a place that we started at," Carlson said.

Dave Hanson agrees.

"It's always a treat to come back here for any reason, but to be able to come back to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Slap Shot" is just a special treat," Hanson said.

"Hey, the boys are back in town man. We're putting on the foil," Carlson said.

A man from England even flew in for the events, including a celebrity game involving cast members, after the Johnstown Tomahawks game Saturday afternoon.

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