Cambria County third-party contract lawsuit moves forward


EBENSBURG -- A lawsuit filed against Cambria County is moving forward after a pretrial conference on Monday.

The lawsuit was filed late last year by John DeBartola, who is trying to get access to a name of an employee of a third-party vendor who contracted with the county.

Judge Linda Fleming held the meeting Monday morning.

DeBartola filed the lawsuit after initially sending out right-to-know requests to find out how much a contracted third-party employee was being paid to work for the Greater Johnstown School District.

He later filed a request with Cambria County for its contract with Cambria County Child Development Corp. The vendor has contracts with the county and the school district.

Bill Barbin, Cambria County's solicitor, said Monday that the county has provided all information that DeBartola has requested about the contract.

"Cambria County Child Development Corp. has told us this is the information of all the people working on the Cambria County contracts and here are their names, here are their salaries," Barbin said in a December interview with 6 News.

"It is my belief that this money is being filtered for political paybacks, whether it's nepotism if you want to call it that, or whether it's just some kind of something going on," DeBartola told 6 News in December. "I'd like an answer."

Briefs in the case are expected to be filed by mid-April, with a trial by the end of the month.

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