Burns discusses Patton water concerns 'game plan'

DEP Response (Page 2)

PATTON -- State Rep. Frank Burns held a special meeting at his office in Patton Thursday night to respond to residents continued concerns about the quality of their drinking water.

"When people don't have safe drinking water and it's a basic necessity of life they get up in arms about it," Burns said.

Since Patton Borough switched its water source from Chest Creek to well water, residents say they have had problems with both taste and odor.

Burns held the meeting Thursday to arrange what he calls a game plan on how to move forward to address the borough council at its next meeting.

Many residents said they just want the truth.

"I don't know if they've been hiding anything in the past," Burns said. "My hope is that by getting involved we can be straight forward with everyone; come up with reasonable solutions to eliminate the odor of the water and make sure with 100 percent certainty that it's safe to drink."

Borough officials contend the water is safe to drink. Burns wrote a letter to the state Department of Environmental Protection asking for confirmation. Burns' letter and the DEP's response is attached.

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