Beta Theta Pi fraternity members charged with death of pledge headed back to court

A former Penn State student who sued the school over hazing says he wept when he heard news of a Beta Theta Pi fraternity pledge's death, and says the school is to blame. (WJAC)

BELLEFONTE - Court hearings for sixteen Beta Theta Pi fraternity members charged in the death of Penn State student Timothy Piazza are set to resume Monday morning.

The first hearing happened almost a month ago and lasted for 11 hours.

Judge Allen Sinclair has reserved both Monday and Tuesday to continue the preliminary hearings for several former Penn State fraternity members who were involved in the extreme hazing death of Piazza, according to police.

During the first hearing on June 12, video from inside the fraternity house the night Piazza died was made public for the first time.

The video taken from security cameras placed throughout the Beta Theta Pi house has been called “disturbing” by some.

The footage showed Piazza struggling to move and communicate after falling down a flight of steps following some heavy drinking.

Police said Piazza's blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit after he was forced to drink various types of liquor during a hazing ritual known as “the gauntlet.”

The video showed fraternity members taking pictures of Piazza and throwing beer on him, then waiting about 12 hours before calling 911.

"Those men must come to justice. The Piazza family, unapologetically, believes that they should be punished. But, the punishment is of great significance because it has a purpose. Punishment brings deterrence,” said Piazza family attorney Tom Kline.

It's unsure what exactly will be discussed during the hearing Monday, but the hearing is scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m.

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