31 suspected drug dealers charged in Blair County bust

HARRISBURG -- Attorney General Josh Shapiro Friday announced charges against 31 suspected Blair County drug dealers as part of a raid.

It is the sixth major drug sweep in Blair County since Shapiro took office one year ago.

The defendants are charged with selling heroin, opioids, crystal methamphetamine and other drugs, Shapiro said.

Six of the investigations involved the illegal street sale of Suboxone and methadone, which are used to treat opioid addiction and prevent painful withdrawal symptoms in drug addicts.

“Drug dealers aren’t constrained by municipal boundaries, and neither are we,” Shapiro added. “We hear the people of Blair County – and we’re going to do whatever it takes to arrest anyone selling drugs and fueling an epidemic that is ravaging Pennsylvania.”

The following are those who were charged with possession with intent to deliver drugs and related offenses:

• Thomas Schmidt, 24, of South Deer Run, Lincoln University

• Russell Grager, 24, of Fifth Street, Altoona

• Rickie Bollman, 32, of Walnut Avenue, Altoona

• Stephen Shimko, 34, of 10th Street, Altoona

• Edwin Davis, 64, of Lexington Avenue, Altoona

• Sally Pope, 57, of Howard Avenue, Altoona

• Ronald Pierucci, 42, of Second Street, Altoona

• Dakota Wilson, 25, of East Crawford Avenue, Altoona

• Allyssa McCaulley, 19, of 10th Street, Altoona

• James Rodgers, 37, of East Fifth Avenue, Altoona

• Felicia Simpson, 25, of 15th Avenue, Altoona

• Krystle Zink, 27, of 15th Street, Altoona

• Vincent McFadden, 30, of North First Street, Bellwood

• Courtney Babcock, 37, of North Second Street, Bellwood

• Willis Pierce, 49, of Dysart Avenue, Altoona

• Destiny Tatsch, 20, of 14th Avenue, Altoona

• Mary McFadden, 41, of Montrose Avenue, Altoona

• Paul McFadden, 46, of Montrose Avenue, Altoona

• Cameron Scott, 27, of Broad Avenue, Altoona

• Mark Bynum, 39, of Eighth Avenue, Altoona

• Amber Schwartztrauber, 24, of Lloyd Street, Altoona

• James Kelly, 32, of Fourth Avenue, Altoona

• Dana Ewing, 35, of Lloyd Street, Altoona

• Teresa Keller, 44, of Fifth Avenue, Altoona

• Kayla Bauman, 22, of Lower Claar Road, Claysburg

• Kristyn Hartman, 26, of Crestview Road, Breezewood

• Lisa Williams, 30, of 22nd Street, Altoona

• Tracy Johnson, 61, of University Drive, Altoona

• Brennan Duffy, 22, of First Avenue, Altoona

• David Stepp, 42, of 4th Avenue, Altoona

• Heather Koelle, 44, of Maple Avenue, Altoona

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