Josh Gallagher talks life after ‘The Voice’

It's been a little over two months since Josh Gallagher wrapped up his journey on NBC’s "The Voice."

The Cresson native said the show may be over, but he's still working hard towards achieving his dream.

"I took a solid two or three days off. I did nothing, and thought everyone could go away. But I got right back into it. There is no rest for the wicked," said Gallagher.

People across Pennsylvania cheered Gallagher on for weeks as he moved on in the competition.

However, when the results were announced, Gallagher came in fourth place.

Even though Josh Gallagher didn’t take home the title, Dan Gallagher, his father, knew his son was going to be OK.

“When we saw him on stage and after his interview, I thought, you know what he’s going to be OK. This is a really big moment for him,” said Dan Gallagher.

Josh Gallagher said he was happy with the results of the competition as well.

"If I would have won I would have been excited. If you win a big TV show, that's a big accomplishment. And to make top four is a feat in itself. But now I have a little bit more freedom to go a little bit more of my own direction."

Josh Gallagher is using that freedom to work on some big projects back in Nashville, which is where he has been living for almost two years now.

"I focus a lot on booking now," he said. I'm trying to put things together, like an album and everything. I'm still playing out a lot, and still booking shows. There are quite a few theaters and fairs that have got a hold of me from all over the country."

Josh Gallagher even returned to Central Pennsylvania back in January, where performed at his first sold out show at Mishler Theatre in Altoona.

"As soon as the show was made public, it was like mini viral," he said."It was like Pennsylvania went mini viral. I haven't played a sold out show ever. To headline a show and have it sold out, and I sold out both shows, it’s pretty great."

Josh Gallagher's fans, now deemed Galliators, have been following him since he rose to fame.

But Josh Gallagher's mother, Cathy Gallagher, said he's always had the music in him.

"There was one time when Josh was about 10 years old, he and his buddy were playing the saxophone on the corner," Cathy Gallagher said. "They were playing for tips in their cases, and Josh’s sister Kim came home so angry. She said ‘you’re never going to believe what your son is doing! He's peddling for money at the grocery store and playing the sax."

Who knew then Josh Gallagher would go from performing at the Cresson grocery store for money to working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including one country music's top producers.

"Even before ‘The Voice’ I was working with a producer named Chad Carlson. His catalog is huge. He did all of Taylor Swift's music and won two Grammy's with her, and did the sound track for The Hunger Games. His catalog is very large," said Josh Gallagher.

Even after all of his success, including his hit iTunes song "Pick Any Small Town," Josh Gallagher said he still feels like he has a lot more work to do.

However, his one plan for the future is to keep it country.

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