Josh Gallagher has big plans for his fans after 'The Voice'

    Josh Gallagher discusses his plans after being a finalist on NBC's "The Voice." (WJAC)

    LOS ANGELES -- Josh Gallagher was a small-town guy whose life changed forever with one audition.

    Even longtime rockers Kiss warn that the industry isn’t for the faint of heart.

    “Get up there only if you belong there. You have to have the heart of a lion and own the audience. Remember they don’t have to be there, and they don’t have to like you,” said Gene Simmons.

    Hoever, that wasn’t a problem for Gallagher.

    The Cesson native’s natural talent caught the attention of people across the country while he competed on NBC’s “The Voice.”

    The singer said he never imagined making it to the finale on the show.

    “This whole ride, well, see, whatever happens, happens. If I’m meant to be there, then I’m meant to be there. And I guess I’m meant to be here. I would have never imagined making it to the top four,” said Gallagher.

    Gallagher might have not won “The Voice,” but he walked away leaving his own mark on Hollywood.

    While his lovable attitude and natural talent took center stage, America also became infatuated with another part of the singer:his hat.

    “It has more followers on Twitter than I do," Gallagher said.

    He said he doesn't know who set up the Twitter account for his hat. "I have an idea, but I don’t want to reveal it," he said.

    What is next for the country star?

    “I have so many things up my sleeve. To be honest, I’ve already started a little project, and I started talking to a producer in Nashville about a week ago. I’ve been setting up different meetings. It’s going to be good,” said Gallagher.

    Even though it was Gallagher’s voice that landed him on the show, he said he owes a lot of his success to his fans.

    “I just have to say thank you to you guys for pushing every week, and pushing those votes through. You all made me a finalist on 'The Voice.' Not many people can say that," he said. "Just to get this far, I’m happy, I’m completely happy.”

    The singer plans to repay all his fans by performing as much as possible in central Pennsylvania.

    “I got some things coming up," he said. "Thunder in the Valley is a big one, (and I'm) working on some stuff at the Johnstown War Memorial, different things there, Heinz Field is in the works there. There’s going to be some big things.”

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