Rep. Barletta tackles immigration, infrastructure during campaign stop

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    The run for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania is heating up as both Senator Bob Casey and his challenger, Congressman Lou Barletta are hitting the campaign trails.

    Congressman Barletta made several stops Tuesday, including in Gettysburg, trying to prove to the people that he's the man to unseat Senator Casey.

    "I’m going to be the voice for people. I’m going to stand up for them no matter if it is against my own party or against the other side," said Barletta.

    The two-day bus tour began early this morning in Adams County with the Hazleton native talking to the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. He focused on the issues of infrastructure and immigration.

    "People want the border secure," said Barletta. "They understand that we need legal immigration and we need it done in a way that helps our industries."

    That same strong message was echoed just an hour later in downtown Gettysburg. Supporters gathered to hear the three-term representative talk tough on illegal immigration, while getting an earful about what makes him a better candidate.

    After the rally, the congressman sat down with CBS21 News. As one of the earliest supporters of President Donald Trump, he believes his working relationship with the president will only benefit the people of Pa.

    "Who better can talk to Donald Trump about immigration, Bob Casey or Lou Barletta? Who can actually get help for the people sitting? Bob Casey or Lou Barletta?" he said.

    The congressman’s bus tour includes six different stops across Pennsylvania over the next two days. He says he will not stop until he finds a way to make sure he takes the victory on the first Tuesday in November.

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