Johnstown couple shares how the YMCA impacted their life after retirement

A Johnstown couple shares how the YMCA impacted their life after retirement (WJAC)

JOHNSTOWN, Pa.– Whoever said they were too old or too tired to work out hasn't met John and Flo Tomljanovic from Johnstown.

The couple has been attending the YMCA in Greater Johnstown for about five years.

"We come Monday through Friday, about two to two and a half hours a day. We do various things. It's just something to look forward to every day,” said Flo Tomljanovic.

After retiring, Flo said the YMCA keeps her and John in a healthy routine.

"When you're at home you can do what you want, whenever you want. But with the 'Y,' we try to structure our life around our workouts here."

It wasn't too long after Flo joined the YMCA, that she convinced her husband to join, too.

"She said why don't you try it, and I liked it, so we started going to classes together," said John Tomljanovic.

The couple even flexed their muscles during a body pump class while they were on vacation, visiting their son in Florida.

"They said you're in the wrong class, and we said, 'No, we do this at home.’ Our instructor was sort of amazed,” said Flo.

If John and Flo aren't doing class together, you can catch them in Nautilus Room on the machines, or you could head upstairs to the track, where you can catch Flo doing some laps.

After attending the YMCA for so many years, the two agree, this place more than just a gym.

"We've met so many new people, that we've become friends with a lot of new people," said Flo.

And her husband agrees, “It's not hey I beat you today, or you can't keep up, that doesn't go on around here."

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