Making a Difference: Woman to travel to Russia for special treatment

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BEDFORD - Deb Suder of Bedford is ready to take her life back.

17 years ago sheShe was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosismultiple sclerosis 17 years ago.

"I sat out in the parking lot when I got diagnosed that afternoon. I beat up my steering wheel of my car," said deb suderDeb Suder.

MS is a disease of the central nervous system. It attacks the brain and spinal cord.

"My left foot went numb. And I started dragging it. I lost sensation in different parts of my body. Like my legs, my arms, my balance started going,” said suderSuder.

Deb says MS took a lot from her life, including her career as a nurse.

Every other day, Deb, now 50, has to inject medicine in her body so she's able to move and function easier.

But she says the medicine, which is covered by her insurance, hasn't done enough for her to live the kind of life that she wants.

It's why she's turning to what some consider to be a risky alternative.

Next year, she's flying to Russia for treatment.

"To get the stem cell transplant which will permanently put it in remission. It has a 90% percent to 95% percent success rate.”

Deb says it's going to cost $50,000, dollars. Andand that doesn't include flying there or other expenses.

"You got to take your own health into your own hands. And you have to go and do what you need to do for your own health."

It's why she's holding two fundraisers this month. Many donated items from autographed pictures of celebrities to pro-athletes will be auctioned off.

The first is September 9thSept. 9 at Shawnee State Park in Bedford County. It's a fun, run, walk or pedal around the lake event.

The next is September 30thSept. 30. It's at the Rock Run ATV Park in Patton, Cambria County.

For more on the events and how to help Deb, go to her Facebook page, "Deb's Big Adventure to Russia for HSCT."

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