Eagles Mere


Destination Eagles Mere

Tony Stella's Encore

Visit Tony Stella’s Encore and taste delicious featured entree's, be entertained nightly on an 1886 grand piano, or sip in style at the absinthe bar. This five-star restaurant, originally owned by a civil war general, will provide you with a unique experience in an engaging atmosphere. Click here to see what's on the menu.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Take a step back in time to learn about the trolley era. Trolleys date all the way back to the 1890s when electricity was first used, in this case, to power vehicles. Visitors are not only provided with nostalgia, but also with information about trolleys from all over the world!

Plan your guided tour today for the opportunity to see many different trolleys, including “Desire” a streetcar from a famous Broadway play!

Click here to find out more about the museum.

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