Not your average campsite: pandemic inspires local woman to create her own business
Not your average campsite: pandemic inspires local woman to create her own business (WJAC).

As more people get vaccinated and restrictions start to ease you might get the itch to travel again. But some people might choose to wait a little longer until they feel it’s safe to pack their bags and hop on a plane.

When the pandemic put a pin on travel, Sarah Owens started to spend more time outdoors in her hometown Johnstown and tried out camping. Owens says while she loves to get outside she likes to enjoy the great outdoors her way, which doesn’t include your average tent and a sleeping bag. After an unfortunate lay-off from her bartending job Owens decided to become her own boss and combine her love for camping with the nicer things in life. That turned into her business Pitch Posh.

“I was laid off and I did have a lot of money saved up to buy a car or invest in my future and I actually really had the time to focus and plan out one of my passions. And that's spending time outdoors in a little bit of a glamorous type way,” said Sarah Owens the founder of Pitch Posh.

Owens takes the comforts of home and brings them outdoors in a tent. A typical setup that Owens creates includes a Coachella Festival style camping tent, queen bed, interior tent carpeting, LED candlelit chandelier, s’mores roasting bar and much more. Owens has curated several types of tent set-ups through Pitch Posh to cater to any occasion from a slumber party to date night.

“You don't have to worry about setting up or pitching your own tent, which is the kind of pain in the butt thing that comes along with outdoor camping. And you actually don't feel like you're outdoors at all so you feel like you're in a type of hotel suite,” said Owens.

With more people staying at home and spending more time outside Owens says the response to Pitch Posh has been extremely positive. In the future, she hopes to the tents for other types of gatherings like bridal showers and birthday parties as she can convert them into just a canopy.

You can check out more about Pitch Posh on Owens' website and Facebook.

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