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For years, Severe Weather Team 6 has provided you with the most accurate and dependable forecast using the most advanced weather technology. Now, rely on Severe Weather Team 6 to send you daily weather newsletters and severe weather warning notifications.

Get customized severe weather alerts for your county sent directly to your email inbox.

  • Click the Email Alerts button below in the userbar located above the chart.
  • Log in or Sign up if you aren't already a subscriber.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the services you can sign up for or manage.
  • You may need to click the Email Alertsbutton if it's your first time signing up.
  • Click the blue Go buttons for each service.

Already a subscriber to the personalized daily weather emails?

  • You will need to login once, by clicking the person icon below in the userbar and entering your email address and password. Check the "keep me logged in" box to have it remember you.
  • Your personal locations can be found by clicking the Johnstown, PA button in the userbar.
  • If you are a Premium Weather subscriber you can click here to login.
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