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State College community reacts, to hire or not to hire Franklin?

Updated: Friday, January 10 2014, 10:04 PM EST

Rumors have been swirling that at Saturday's press conference, James Franklin will be named the new coach for the Nittany Lions. But this coach could be coming with a little baggage and that has people asking, is this the best hire for a school already recovering? In June police said four of Franklin's players at Vanderbilt raped a female classmate. Though Franklin has not been tied to the case at all, should this incident impact Penn State's decision to hire or not to hire?

"I mean, it is a little cloudier of a subject than what happened here," Kyle Horton of State College said. "He wasn't directly involved with it, but his players were. And I feel like they handled it the best they could as an institution and it is a messy subject. But for the most I think it would be OK. I think he should come here."

"No, I do understand the concerns," Chris Swensen, a junior at Penn State University said. "Obviously, our situation here at Penn State, we don't want anything like that in the national media again for us. But I don't know enough about it to say much about it for sure."

While those in 6News spoke with seemed to be in favor of Franklin, comments online aren't so favorable. Four hundred signatures have already been collected on an online petition asking the Board of Trustees not to hire Franklin. The petition was started by a Penn State University professor. You can check out the petition here.

While no formal announcement has been made naming a head coach, the University is holding a press conference Saturday.

State College community reacts, to hire or not to hire Franklin?

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