Husband, wife and teen daughter arrested following underage drinking party

We are told the party was at the house of Geoffrey, Duanne and 18-year-old Hannah Boylan. (Courtesy: Grand Traverse Sheriff's Office)

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- A husband, wife and their 18-year-old daughter were all arrested after allegedly hosting an underage drinking party at their house.

We are told the party happened the night of March 3 at a home in Williamsburg.

The case began when the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office heard about a possible criminal sexual conduct incident at an underage drinking party.

We are told the party was at the house of Geoffrey, Duanne and 18-year-old Hannah Boylan. Court records show that Geoffrey was the volunteer assistant football coach at Elk Rapids High School.

The sheriff’s office then conducted several interviews with teens who were at the party. According to court records, interviewees said that they gave $5 to Hannah for pizza and alcohol. We are also told the bar in the basement was stocked with the alcohol and that guests were playing drinking games.

Interviewees then heard rumors that following Monday at school about possible sexual relations between a high school girl who was at the party and the dad, Geoffrey.

We are told that the high school girl, who is at the age to consent in Michigan, did indeed consent. Due to this, there will be no criminal sexual conduct charges against Geoffrey.

The three were all arraigned May 9.

Geoffrey was arrested and charged on three counts of selling/furnishing alcohol to a minor. We spoke to the superintendent of Elk Rapids Schools and he tells us that Geoffrey is no longer allowed on school property.

"Just disheartening," said Superintendent Steve Prissel. "These things do happen and you try to protect your kids as much as you can but it's difficult because not only with the possession of alcohol charges, I mean there's other allegations as well that are very serious and it's just difficult to absorb for some people."

Geoffrey's wife, Duanne, was arrested and charged with three counts of selling/furnishing to a minor as well as one count of allowing minors to consume alcohol.

Hannah was charged with selling/furnishing to a minor as well as allowing minors to consume alcohol.

Geoffrey, Duanne and Hannah will all be back in court for a pretrial on May 23.

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