Wolf holds discussion on heroin in Ebensburg

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf meets with local leaders in Cambria County during a roundtable on heroin. (WJAC)

EBENSBURG -- Education and funding were the top issues discussed at a heroin roundtable that featured Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and local leaders in Ebensburg on Thursday.

Wolf discussed his budget proposal, which calls for $10 million to provide Naloxone to police departments around the state.

He also said he believes the state should treat drug addiction as a disease.

"We cannot afford to have thousands of people die from this," Wolf said. "We can do something about it."

Wolf said he thinks part of the solution is treatment for people who are addicted to drugs.

"We have spent so much time and energy on arresting our way to a cure, (but) we now know that doesn't work," Wolf said.

Today, Wolf talked with various Cambria County officials, including the sheriff, the district attorney, various police chiefs and a high school principal.

One big topic was education: teaching kids the perils of drug addiction at an early age, something that Cambria County Sheriff Bob Kolar says is vital.

"One mistake. one little mistake with peer pressure can ruin a child's life forever," he said.

Wolf also discussed the importance of the drug Naloxone, which can reverse the deadly effects of a heroin overdose if administered in time and which is now carried by nearly every police department in Cambria County.

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