Huntingdon officials, residents hold meeting with Sunoco representatives

Sunoco Logistics Partners announced last month they plan on building a second pipeline across southern Pennsylvania. (WJAC)

HUNTINGDON -- Sunoco Logistics Partners plans to build a second pipeline across southern Pennsylvania.

The company announced last month.

Huntingdon Borough officials held an open meeting on Tuesday for residents to ask Sunoco crews questions about the pipeline construction, their biggest concerns about drilling and pipeline testing methods.

Sunoco is seeking approval to draw water from a hydrant outside the water treatment plant within the borough, and truck up to 200,000 gallons of water a day to use for horizontal directional drilling under Raystown Lake. The water used for testing and drilling would mainly come from Standing Stone Creek.

During the meeting, board members and residents told Sunoco crews that Huntingdon has experienced three droughts in the last nine years, and draining water from the lake could possibly lead to another. Both pipelines will run underneath Raystown Lake, the main source of drinking water for the county.

"If there is a leak in this pipeline, not only will Raystown Lake be affected, but the Juniata River as well," said Ellen Gerhart, a lifetime Huntingdon County resident.

The Huntingdon Borough president said Tuesday that the board has not yet come to a decision on whether it will allow Sunoco to use water from the borough, and will take every resident's concern into consideration.

The new 16-inch pipeline will run parallel to a 20-inch pipeline that is already under construction. The pipelines are going to highly pressurized natural gas liquid lines that transport gas to stations on the east coast.

About 8,000 contractors will be working on the pipelines between Ohio and the Philadelphia region over the next nine months.

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